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Do you have a business offer? Are you looking for new sales markets, customers, sources of supply? Is your advertising marketing budget low? We will help you! Advertise on your own website with unlimited image and video content. We create it from a website template, optimize it for web search engines, and advertise it nationally or internationally. Contact us. Gergely Zoltán Marketing Manager,

Online Marketing Service

International Market Research - Intermediary - Marketing Agency

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My international online marketing services offer unlimited business and publishing opportunities for anyone. Internet business and classified ads opportunities for companies, entrepreneurs, residential users. Online marketing solutions without borders.
Up to 200+ countries!

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Are you looking for international relations, new target markets, sources of supply?
(Europe, North Central South America, Asia, Africa, Australia).

In my database 200+ countries, 1800+ pieces:

- Company register,

- Business directory,

- Business links catalog (yellow pages),

1,000+ free online classifieds

International, global web catalogs, my free publication collections are the results of many years of online research. With its help, the (business) world unfolds for you. You can search, offer or gain insight almost limitlessly without claiming completeness:

As an entrepreneur, decision maker:

- New business trends, supply and demand offers, target markets.

- You can search for new customers, users, buyers, cheaper sources of supply.

- Find new business partners, recruit staff, set up regional offices.

- View your entire business portfolio on your own website.

- Advertise without restrictions with image, moving video, and / or text content.

- Discreetly map the performance (and professional mistakes) of your competitors and

- Your business or enterprise can gain a competitive advantage and a better business

- You can save a significant portion of your advertising costs, up to 20-50%.

- You can sell your products and services through a web store or business package.

As an online marketing agency:
I undertake company representation, business partnership, subcontracting! 
If you are looking for a business partner, employee, subcontractor, regional representative, write to me. Let's work together, let's work together for success!

I am open to many areas of business. In addition, I offer fair and credible cooperation to real estate and recruitment agencies and other service providers. I can work on an ad hoc basis or over the longer term. as a (sub or main) contractor or employee.

Ask for more information about our collaboration opportunities, our collaboration, our special offers or our personalized services.

Branding, online international market introduction.

Business presentation (portfolio).

Private website for unlimited business offer introduction.

Business offer or partner search in 200 countries.

I'll help you too! Let's work together for success!


The business and information site is dynamic. It is under constant editing, content uploading, expansion. Please come back another time so I can help you too! Add the address of our website to your favorites.

Online-Marketing-Service (Inter Info Service Agency)
International Market Research - Intermediary - Marketing Agency
Founded: 1995.

Gergely Zoltán
Marketing Manager, Mentor
London, United Kingdom
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Launch of my new website: September 2020.

Business offers, advertisements.

Manufacturers, traders, service providers.

Promotions, special discount offers. 

Can't sell your property, car, expensive valuables?
Want to show your friends family, travel or party and party, photographer, video experiences? Present it on your own website or website. We will make it for you too. Our online marketing agency advertises in 150 countries.

We sell a full range of vape devices and e-liquids with the mission to help people quit smoking and reducing their nicotine intake over time through vaping. Our e-liquids with nicotine contain Nic Salts, for a smoother more satisfying vape, and none of our products contain Sucralose so they last much longer without burning out the coil.

Trendy, fashionable women 's clothes in all sizes from the USA. In their webshop, you can find beautiful and specially colored women's fashion clothing in a casual, elegant, sexy, evening date style. Ongoing promotions, discounts, up to 5 - 82%.

Smart Tvs, cooker hoods, sinks & taps, ovens, hobs, dishwashers. From range cookers and ovens to American refrigeration and dishwashers and everything in between. Our selection of premium-quality products at competitive prices.

A lighting retailer offering one of the largest lighting product lines online. Wide range of traditional, decorative and modern indoor and outdoor lighting, luminaires and lighting accessories. More than 5,000 products can be purchased online.

We offer one of the UK's largest selection of premium vaping liquids which are sourced from reputable suppliers and direct from the manufacturers themselves. We only stock products which we know scream quality and our customers will love.

BubbleBum is a travel car booster seat for children in car seat groups 2 & 3 portable, inflatable booster seat designed for children aged between 4 - 11 years. Ideal for holidays, rental cars, taxis, school trips and a perfect product for grandparents or childminders in the event of unexpected or occasional journeys.