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Do you have a business offer? Are you looking for new sales markets, customers, sources of supply? Is your advertising marketing budget low? We will help you! Advertise on your own website with unlimited image and video content. We create it from a website template, optimize it for web search engines, and advertise it nationally or internationally. Contact us. Gergely Zoltán Marketing Manager,

Online marketing service
International market research - intermediary - marketing agency

Advertise for free on the Internet!

Free internet business and classified ads opportunities for companies, entrepreneurs, residential users. Country without borders. Online marketing solutions in 200+ countries!

We are constantly editing our website, uploading it with content, and expanding it with business offers. Please come back another time so I can help! Add the address of our website to your favorites.

Are you looking for international relations, new target markets, sources of supply?

In my database in 200+ countries 1800+ pieces:

- Company catalog,

- Business library,

- Business links catalog (yellow pages),

- There are over 1000 free online classifieds.

I undertake to search for thematic information. Business data up to 24 - 72 hours. Because time is money.

Internet: A window into the world!
What can the Internet offer? I'll help you too!
My international online marketing services offer unlimited business and publishing opportunities for anyone. The Internet network covers all spectra of the online business world, helping in an optimal and cost-effective way. Its field of application is almost unlimited. Regardless of your business, it offers fast and effective communication for unlimited publishing, gaining new customers, and quickly launching your product / service. All this for almost free! There are no country borders on the Internet!

Your business offer, publication, portfolio, website, corporate or retail classifieds can be read 24 hours a day in any country in the world.
International, global web catalogs, my free publication collections are the results of many years of online research. With its help, the (business) world unfolds before you.

You can search almost without limitation or gain insight without the need for completeness, as an entrepreneur, decision maker:

- New business trends, supply and demand offers, target markets.

- You can search for new customers, users, buyers, cheaper sources of supply.

- Find new business partners, recruit staff, set up regional offices.

- View your entire business portfolio on your own website.

- Advertise without restrictions with image, moving video, and / or text content.

- Discreetly map the performance of your competitors.

- Your company or business can get a competitive advantage and a better business position.

- You can save a significant portion of your advertising costs. 50 - 90%.

- You can sell your products and services through a web store or business package.

As a residential user you can search - offer:

- Jobs, part-time jobs, extra income, teleworking opportunities.

- For sale - real estate for rent (apartment, room, garden).

- You can build a business network (commercial, information, other).

- You can recruit a staff member.

- You can look for a friend, spouse / partner, leisure partner.

- Domestic and / or farm animals.

- Engine, vehicle search.

- Service provider, contractor, assistance in the living environment.

- Create a free website to publish for an unlimited period of time, create a portfolio, or generate additional revenue.

Search, offer or sell in company catalogs, yellow pages (database of business links), in free classifieds. In up to 200+ countries, on thousands of sites! My business packages are for your success.

My tariffs and price list are symbolic, affordable for everyone.
My service also includes free advice.

With three decades of business and communication experience, above-average empathy, fair and credible marketing strategies, I want to help you. (More in the introductory menu). My prices are negotiable.

I currently provide my marketing services in the UK and Hungary. I have an international database of address materials (200+ countries), so I accept business offers from any country to the best of my ability. In addition, I offer fair and credible cooperation to real estate and recruitment agencies and other service providers.

If you are looking for a business partner, employee, subcontractor, regional representative, write to me. I am open to many areas of business.
I can work on an ad hoc basis or for a longer period, as a subcontractor or main contractor or employee.

Thank you for your attention and trust!

Gergely Zoltán
Marketing manager
London, United Kingdom
eubizinfo (@)

Create your own website or web store for free (even without editorial knowledge). You can also place offers and ads with unlimited text content here.

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The content of my mailing list packages comes from the Internet, freely available, downloadable, distributable, royalty-free from domestic and international online sources, free of plagiarism.

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Business offer or partner search in 200 countries.

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