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About me

I introduce myself:

I am Zoltán Gergely, My occupation and profession:
Online - offline marketing manager, mentor.

I started my international marketing activity in 1991.
In 1995, I founded my International Market Research, Mediation and Marketing Service Agency in Debrecen. My agency operated between 2005 and 2017, when I moved from Hungary to the United Kingdom, London. I live and work here now.

In my work, I actively use business psychology, empathy, creative freedom, and, if necessary, business literature.

I recommend my services primarily to small businesses with small budgets who can't afford the work of professionals. My tariffs are marketable, flexible, affordable, as I think in the long run.

I treat all my clients with professional commitment, empathy, business openness and maximum discretion, which is in our common interest.

Are you looking for a business partner, representative, employee? Write to me now. Let's work together for business success! How can I help and work together?

I really like my job, so I work every day, even on weekends. I use the publishing opportunities offered by marketing and the Internet creatively, I constantly analyze my advertising marketing work. If necessary, you change for success.

I'm a mentor.

Therefore, with my knowledge and business experience, I am constantly helping and supporting. I treat our cooperation and mandate discreetly.
I do not speak English. But that doesn't affect my professional work.
I have been working with a compiler in 57 languages ​​for 15 years. I can't communicate orally and over the phone, but I understand everything and answer in writing.
I give advice or teach business communication if needed.

Thank you for your kind attention.
Wishing you more professional success,

Gergely Zoltán
Marketing manager, Mentor
London, United Kingdom
eubizinfo (@) 

Ask for more information about our cooperation opportunities, cooperation, special offers or personalized services.
Branding, online international market introduction.
Business presentation (portfolio),
Private website for unlimited introduction.
Business offer or partner search in 200 countries.
I will help you too! Let's work together for your success!


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