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Advertise with video

Be part of the new marketing strategy for the 21st century!
Promote your site with videos. Millions of visitors and readers from all over the world.

Did you know?

According to international statistics, the Internet is used by 2.5-3 billion people, read worldwide, on a daily basis!

Can you still advertise your ad, business offer, portfolio, or retail offer globally, reaching hundreds of millions of potential customers and readers?

How simple, cheap and economical is it all? All you have to do is choose the right ad format!

Can you advertise more effectively and exclusively not just with words, letters, but with movies, i.e. videos? Does the link to the video ad appear on the major international search engines?

You can reach your business, public, or retail advertising offers to millions of potential customers. Online - Marketing - Service Agency helps you (Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Africa)

When you order, we will help you with the online presentation or send you an address list. What is video advertising and publishing:

Almost any business, advertising, or family event used to present or widely publish a motion picture.

The video you use today is compatible with most computers, so it can be played and viewed anywhere in the world.

Why choose a video internet multimedia application?

A picture says more than a thousand words. A movie, on the other hand, says more than a thousand pictures! You can pick up your captured world of thought, individual style, or approach that you want to share with your environment or even the whole world.

There are no expensive printing and postage costs to distribute your video ad!

You can also link the video offer in the form of a link in your e-mails, classifieds, social networking sites, blogs, and forums.

All you have to do is upload the movie to your web server (e.g.

The film does not require the use of an expensive interpreter or translator. The video can be subtitled or subtitled (in Hungarian, English, German, Spanish, French).

Companies can successfully apply:

- For company and product presentations and product lists / brochures.

- For market research, market presentation. - To search for business, investor and cooperation partners.

- For special advertising campaigns, advertising offers.

- Holiday or hospitality offers for mobile presentation.

- Education for short films, spots, distance learning, conferences.

As a residential user, you can successfully use:

- Share family events.

- Presentation of excursion - holiday memories.

- For domestic or international dating.

- Real estate for sale.

- Live job interview for introduction.

- In other areas that can be used almost indefinitely.

How or with whom do you make your video presentation short film?

- You can take it at home, with your own video or webcam, mobile phone.

- Or visit the nearest photo-video studio in your area. You can upload a promotional video offer to a free video sharing site. (example:

If you do not have time, patience, I will prepare it for you for a symbolic amount. Upon request, I also provide an online advertising campaign in the UK, I also place your video on high-traffic 50-60 classifieds websites or in other countries.

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Marketing manager, Mentor
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