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Advertise and / or search for business partners, new market opportunities, - offer business offers, resources in the UK. Optimal help for a range of activities and advertising campaigns. Free business directories, business directories, yellow (Business Link Repository) pages. B2B wholesale systems.

In my Address Book business package, I have collected cataloged contacts for companies and businesses in the UK. You can advertise your business offer, website or search for partners in the catalogs for free and for an unlimited period of time. All catalogs are optimized for web search engines, so their daily online traffic is extremely high.

If you have a tight advertising and marketing framework, I recommend this form of advertising. You can immediately place your business offer in a potential target market. You can also gain new customers, buyers, sources of supply from England or abroad. My package currently includes 77 online business catalogs and yellow pages with free ads.

Advertise for free in 77 English catalogs!

Free gift!

Business classifieds (non-company catalogs):

- Buying and selling used agricultural machinery

- Buy and sell used machines - sale,

- Buy and sell used trucks,

- Sale and purchase of companies and enterprises.

Price of the business package:

By bank transfer: £ 50

In case of ordering, please enter in the subject field of your letter:

... (Package name) Order an advertising package.

Do you have a special offer? You can present quickly and efficiently in the online marketplace. Advertise on high-traffic, free classifieds websites as well. You can deliver your ad directly to the categorized potential target market. Order my retail classifieds package a list of free classifieds websites in England, Hungary, and Romania.

Package price:

By bank transfer: £ 20

In case of ordering, please enter in the subject field of your letter:

... (Package name) Order an advertising package.


I am an individual until the business image is formed!

I'm not accountable. Thank you for your understanding!

If you're busy, you haven't touched it, depending on my free capacity, I agree to help you edit your ad content and create your portfolio. If you are unsure, please contact me. I help with marketing strategies, maybe ideas.


Always formulate your ad and offer it concisely and concisely.

Add keywords that are specific to your business so you can optimize them for Internet search engines.

If you want to advertise with a portfolio, create your own website, a website where you can advertise without restrictions on image and text content.

If you don't have time for it, I'll make it for you from a website template.

- If you have a low budget, you can create a free business website here: 

- If you are busy, I undertake to edit your website, design the textual content of your corporate image, optimize web search, place (business) links in catalogs, introduce national or international online. , by individual agreement.

- Advertise or communicate more effectively and credibly with your own domain name. Your own website creates lasting value! This is your property. You can sell or rent at any time.

Thank you for sharing your website address and contact information with your customers and acquaintances.

Wishing you more business success,

Gergely Zoltán
Marketing manager, Mentor
London, United Kingdom
eubizinfo (@)

Editorial Note:

The content of my mailing list packages comes from the Internet, freely available, downloadable, distributable, royalty-free from domestic and international online sources, free of plagiarism.

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