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Privacy Notice.

The https: // online-marketing-service website is a business information, information, service website.

Data is uploaded and image and text content is edited manually. Editing and uploading content is performed exclusively by the owner of the website.
The website also provides business intermediation activities and provides advertising marketing services.

The published content contains only general, personal data (Name, company name, website link address, e-mail address, telephone, mailing address, account data) to which our advertising marketing partner, our customer, has given prior written consent.
We do not use trackers or cookies on our website, we do not check and analyze the data of our visitors. We do not send a newsletter, we do not reserve the right to subscribe.
We store all personal data and information in a closed system. We do not share or sell the data that comes to our knowledge with third parties. We store stored personal data for contact purposes only. We treat all business information and data that come to our knowledge with maximum discretion.

We use visitor statistics on all subpages of our website that do not collect personal information. Statistics are public, viewable. Provides visitor counter analytics only.

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Zoltán Gergely Marketing manager
London - Enfield, United Kingdom
Contact: eubizinfo (@)