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Are you looking for international relations, new target markets, sources of supply? (Thematic search, results within 24 to 72 hours. Time is money). In my database,

200+ countries, 1,800+ pieces:

→ Company catalog,

→ Business Directory,

→ Business link catalog (Yellow pages),

→ There are 1,000 free online classifieds.

My services.
Greetings, dear reader!
You, as a visitor, are certainly looking for a solution to your problem. Please see my service areas and information. Maybe I can help you too!

The list is not exhaustive.
I want to adapt to your needs and expectations. Find it at any time by email. Write down how we can work together on an ad hoc basis or in the long run. I am discreet and flexible.
My rates will be set depending on the content of your assignment or ideas, but after prior agreement. They are marketable. The tariff is fixed! You always decide, without financial obligation.

After fulfilling my assignment, you can contact me at any time and ask me for further help or possibly mentoring. I will help!

My business service areas. / Online, offline advertising and marketing:

→ Designing ad hoc or continuous advertising campaigns, also with active participation.

→ Online, offline marketing consulting, business portfolio planning for beginners, micro and small businesses, or individuals.

→ Online market launch of products and services, also internationally. Upon request, depending on the content (text length, images or gallery), I will also create my own website for your offer.

→ Research of new target markets, promotion of sales.

→ Territorial representation and / or agent, agency, business network organization.

→ Business database management. Internet data research.
From legal sources in up to 200+ countries.
I am looking for a company, supply and demand business offer, business partner, (partner, company representative employee, I recruit employees).

→ Website design, portfolio creation in English or Hungarian from your document. Website creation services:
Images, text, Youtube video content, unlimited sub pages (menus).
100 MB. web hosting + 1 GB. data traffic is free. Please inquire. If required, unlimited data traffic can be ordered from the service provider for a fee.

+ Google website translation program.

+ Detailed statistics.

+ Related marketing consulting.

+ SEO, web search engine optimization (basic SEO settings).

Online advertising campaign when ordering. Website launch online with free classifieds websites in the UK or 50 - 100 pieces in other countries.

→ Link building, link marketing, (advertising + SEO).

→ Check competitors' online (software) analytics. (even discontinued websites).

→ Text advertising campaigns in free online classifieds.

→ Sign up for Google Search.

→ Sign up for Google Maps.

→ Providing address lists of international, global classifieds and Business directories, company directories, yellow pages from 200+ countries, can be ordered:
Countries in America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania.

→ Transmission of business information and other non-business offers.

→ Teleworking, work at home, affiliate work mediation, counseling, mentoring.

My other planned services and projects are under planning.

I do not speak English. But that doesn't affect my professional work.
I have been working with a compiler in 57 languages ​​for 15 years. I can't communicate orally and over the phone, but I understand everything and answer in writing. I give advice or teach business communication if needed.

Gergely Zoltán
Marketing Manager, Mentor
London, United Kingdom
eubizinfo (@)

Services price list

I invoice for all services that can be accounted for as an expense. Prices are VAT exempt.

Website editing ( 2 - 5 page ):

£ 200

1-page portfolio, making a business offer with 1 - 20 photos, gallery,
video film playback:

£ 50

Google registrations:
( Web search, google map )

£ 25 / 2 piece

Website statistics (module):

£ 20

Online advertising campaign: 
(Classifieds or link catalogs. Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia)

£ 2.50 / page 

Business partner search: 
Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia. Address list search in 200 countries.

£ 200 / day 

Online competitor analysis:  
Manually and software. ( Website Keywords, Link Links, Registry Information )

 £ 100 

Portfolio and marketing consulting: 
( Business advertising marketing programs, providing online software for free ).

Free for my partners 

Business network construction, organization, coordination:
( Manufacturers, Traders, Service Providers )

By agreement 
( Monthly fixed or commission )